Cliffs, caves and office cubicles 

That’s what this blog is going to be. A big collection of words and views from the places I find when when I’m in dirtbag mode. Expect epic tales from the Blue Mountains, Milford Sound, and Mount Cook.  You might find the odd climbing topo, trail food recipe, outdoor film or gear review on here too.

When I’m not in dirtbag mode, you can find me working as a junior lawyer at a commercial law firm in Newcastle, on the east coast of Australia.

At the moment, life has fallen into a pattern working on weekdays, climbing rocks and exploring on weekends, then cleaning the dirt out from under my fingernails and whacking a pair of high heels back on each Monday morning. It’s an odd balancing act.  I’ve just spent two weeks tramping, climbing rocks and sleeping in the dirt on New Zealand’s South Island.  Now I’m sitting at a computer, wading through the sea of emails and missed calls that have come in over the Christmas break to greet me on my first day back in the real world.

There’s a smaller collection of photos and stories tucked in behind the computer screen now. I’ve got a few shots of snow and ice, cliffs and caves and other assorted adventures pinned up there on the wall of my office cubicle. They’re stuck there with thumbtacks that I swiped from the other little grey boxes around me one quiet afternoon when I needed a bit more colour and inspiration.

I look forward to adding those tales to this collection.  I promise to tell them with as much exaggeration and embellishment as I can muster.  Hopefully I’ll get to hear a few epics from other weekend warriors out there in the blogosphere too.

Happy adventures.


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  1. AndrewGills says:

    I look forward to reading more about your adventures. I used to work in a cubical as a lawyer in the public sector, adventuring on weekends so I can relate.

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