Lacquerhead – a tale of projecting, training and video making

Last weekend I sent my project, a short and dynoie climb called Lacquerhead (25) on the central coast. It was super fun and I learned a lot during the process.

Firstly I learned that structured training for climbing works really well. The weeks before I climbed Lacquerhead was the first time that I actually stuck to a plan and it worked well for me.

Secondly I learned a lot about setting up cameras at good angles to capture a climb. I built a little tripod rig that attaches to bolts in the rock in order to avoid the ‘buttshot perspective’.

Thirdly I learned that taking the extra effort to climb during the golden hour leads to the most amazing colors. Here is the video I made of the climb:

Let me know if you enjoyed the video. If you have any feedback regarding the edit I would love to hear it because I am still new to the process and want to learn as much as I can.

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  1. Congrats on your send. I’ve just been trying to see what an Australian 25 is in English money or French, 7a ish. As a coincidence I just did one of my projects yesterday in a local quarry, at a lowly 19 on your scale. Do you have bouldering grades down there?
    The video is good, two angles works well, but I always think non vocal music works best, unless directly related to the route. I couldn’t understand the lyrics.

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  2. Hey BowlandClimber

    Congratulations on getting up your route! I project ‘lowly 19s’ too… and often find them terrifying. I hope you find something new and inspiring soon.

    Dirtbagjens has been training hard and climbing hard. I enjoy gathering belay ticks and basking in the reflected glory.

    We use the V system for bouldering grades, starting from V0. Maybe one day I’ll wrap my brain around your grading system!

    Dirtbagjens will really appreciate the feedback on the film. We’ve both been teaching ourselves how to edit by trial and error.

    The song doesn’t make a lot of sense in German anyway – we’ve got a soft spot for it because I once decided that learning the bizarre lyrics was the best way to teach myself a new language! The video clip is excellently odd:

    Happy climbing!



  3. dirtbagjens says:

    Hi BowlandClimber,
    congratulations on your send as well!. And thanks for the well thought out response. I was watching a kayaking video yesterday that had some Spanish rap music in the background. Not understanding any Spanish myself I did find it a bit grating on my ears. But I am sure it works awesome if you are a fan of Spanish hip hop. So now I know both sides of the coin. Definitely a good reminder to keep the audience in mind when editing.


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