My mate Morgan

My mate Morgan notices things.

When we climb together, I come home with photos of climbers and rocks.


Morgan comes home with photos of all kinds of amazing creatures that I did not notice.

Morgan points her camera at tiny flashes of colour, and transforms them into crystal clear photographs of birds, lizards, whales, dragonflies… you never know what you’re going to get.

These photos often appear on facebook, with the animal’s scientific name in the caption.  If we get really lucky, the appear again in another format – a sketch, a painting and sometimes…. a Christmas Card!

Morgan tells me that one year she went looking for Australian themed Christmas cards, to send to friends living overseas.  She wasn’t impressed with the selection of cards featuring koalas wearing badly photo-shopped Santa hats.

So she made her own card.  With a Christmas beetle on it.

Geddit? Christmas beetle… Christmas time… See what she did there?

One of these guys found it into my letterbox a few Christmas-es ago.

Since then, Morgan’s mum has demanded a new card each December.

A year later, there was Satin Bowerbird collecting blue Christmas decorations.

Now there is a full set of cards with mistletoe birds and robins playing around with native holly.

It’s all a bit clever. And really uniquely Australian.

If you want to get your hands on a set of these cards – you can order them through Morgan’s etsy store.

If you want to see more of the amazing wildlife that Morgan has noticed, photographed, sketched or painted, check out the rest of her portfolio here.

Morgan following me up a dirty trad route in the Watagans… because that’s what friends do

I should say, that all this shameless promotion is my idea, not Morgan’s.  She’s been much more subtle and classy about spreading the word about her work.  But subtlety is not really my thing.  I think the cards are great and I want to tell the world!


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