Getting art-venturous

When I started this blog, I explained that photos and stories are two of my favourite things.

I hoped that tit would give me a place to bring those things together. Photos. Stories. Memories of past adventures and daydreams about future trips. A new medium for me to tell tall tales of epic adventure and share them with friends and friendly strangers from the interwebs.  So far, so good.

Last week, I bought myself a set of watercolour paints.  I also started looking back through old climbing photos. Then I found a whole new way to mix photos and stories… and carry it all around with me in a handy pocket-sized notebook.

These are the results:

Fearless Vicky at Lobster Cave, Central Coast


Rizzo on a rainy day at Arapiles
Lee at the Treatment Plant, Port Stephens
Dirtbagjens on Kachoong, Arapiles
My Mate Morgan at Rope Road, Watagans National Park

If you want some inspiration for your own artventures, you should check out this article form Climbing magazine called ‘8 Climbing artists you should know’.  It has a few images from each artist, and links to their websites and social media pages.  Don’t blame me if you fall into a big black hole of beautiful and inspiring procrastination.

If you are recording your outdoor adventures on bits of paper covered in paint, ink, chalk, charcoal from burnt sticks or anything else, I’d love to see your creations.




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  1. girlonrock says:

    Wow! These are sensational! Have you seen Jeremy Collins’ film Drawn? It’s fantastic and I think it would really speak to you as a climber and an artist. Do you have a project in mind for your work or is just for personal expression? You could turn those into coasters or keychains and they would sell really well on etsy. : )


  2. I’ve been meaning to watch that film for aaaages!
    At the moment I’m having a lot of fun experimenting. Maybe one day I’ll send them out into the world.
    I’ve just enrolled in my first edX course. I’m one week into a 6 week crash course in natural illustration –

    We’ll see where it takes me!

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  3. girlonrock says:

    That’s so cool!! I hope you keep posting it! I love that climbing inspires you artistically! What a great way to express : )


  4. I finally watched Drawn. It was so so good. Thanks for the recommendation. Now I’m inspired to climb all the things, draw all the things and tell all the stories. Hope you have a particularly excellent day

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  5. girlonrock says:

    Hooray! I thought it was so moving. I’m so glad that you liked it! And I am right there with you. Ack!


  6. Great work! very beautiful! I am a beginner climber (about an year now) and recently read Jeremy Collins Drawn, I was inspired myself and made a dry pastel sketch of my friend climbing, you can check it out here:

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  7. I love your sketch! I hope you and your pastels see even more beautiful places in 2017!

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