2 weeks left – MS Sydney to Gong Ride

I have entered the 2017 MS Sydney to the Gong bike ride and will be riding 82km (or 51  miles) to raise funds for people living with multiple sclerosis.

We start pedaling in the Sydney CBD, then follow the coastline south to Wollongong and its gorgeous beaches.

Since signing up for this challenge, I have learned a handful of things about Multiple sclerosis (MS):

  • Sclerosis is the Greek word for scars.
  • MS happens when scars or lesions appear on the stuff that makes up our central nervous system (like your brain, your spinal cord and your optic nerves).
  • The impact that these scars have on people with MS will vary, depending on where the scars are located – sometimes they can mess up your motor control, other times they cause fatigue or psychological or neurological problems.
  • Because MS affects everyone differently, it can be really hard to pin down all the symptoms and figure out what is going on.

I really like the way MS is described in this short clip, where bike mechanics, medical professionals and people with MS build a bike that recreates some of the symptoms of MS for anyone that tries to ride it:

Here’s a quick snapshot of the number of people in Oz who are affected by MS:


It’s less than two weeks til the ride, and I’m starting to get a little nervous!

I would love it if  you would comment below  to send some encouragement, or hit me with witty insults, to motivate me to keep on pedalling during the two big climbs on our route. If you’re a cyclist with tips on how to stay happy and healthy on a long ride, please share your wisdom.

If you can afford to make a financial contribution too, please click on the link below to view my fundraising page: https://www.msgongride.org.au/participant/11936

Thanks for your support – it really means a lot.

Here’s hoping my training regime of mountain bike rides and burgers will pay off on the road.

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  1. Good luck with the ride! Hope all goes well.

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