13 Reasons to Rant about Travel

The fabulous Doctor Mowgli has written a piece about why we should all stop pretending that travel is the answer to everything in life.

Keep this on tap for every time some one tells you:

  • You should just drop everything and travel;
  • People who don’t travel are selfish idiots who don’t care about the world or the people in it;
  • That they have “done” Paris or “done” South East Asia or “Done 23 countries now”
  • Travel magically transforms you into a better human being and solves all of your problems; or
  • Your life is worth less than theirs because you don’t have any stamps in your passport.


An article popped up on my social media feed recently.  It listed 13 reasons why I shouldn’t worry about stupid things like money or security, and should ‘just travel’ instead.

As I read through the list, I felt a familiar rage building up inside me.  Want to know why?

Cracks neck, flexes knuckles Heeeeerre we fucking go.

  1. Travel will turn you into a storyteller.

With your constant adventures, you’ll have an endless supply of travel tales to entertain your friends with at parties or at those #awks moments when you’re short of small talk. It’s true – travel leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.

No. No it will not.

Sure, travel is bound to give you a thousand good experiences to draw, to reflect, and talk about. But those experiences do not automatically make you good story teller.

Have you ever been to one of those…

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